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I love grade five!

Posted on: June 23, 2011

This year, I’ve had many fun and favorite momments! Today I’m gonna tell you my favorite one ever…

We had just started personal development stuff (PDCP), when the power went out! The power stayed out for about an hour and a half. Since this is a very high-tech school, the teachers didn’t have a lesson planned without the SMART board or a computer. Every body got worried and we were just sitting there for a couple of minutes, then the teacher decided to use a black board! We were all so shocked, we hadn’t used one in over a year! It was really funny how it got so dramatic, just because we used a black board instead of a SMART one…

It may sound ridiculous, but it was weird for us! And that is my favorite moment of the year!         

P.S. We ended up going home a half an hour early because of the pipes backing up, so that made it better to…


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